viernes, junio 13, 2008

Sale el Sol

Me había resistido a asistir a un espectáculo de Cirque du Soleil bajo el tonto argumento de que un circo basado en acrobacias y contorsiones no tenía mucho qué ofrecerme.
Así que acá nos ofrecieron boletos a precio preferencial para el estreno del nuevo es

So I’m asked to write this in English as I am now at the Computer Lab at ELI @ UBC... Talking or writting in Spanish is forbidden here!

As I was saying, some years ago I refused to attend a Cirque du Soleil show because I thought that a circus with no animals and bases only in acrobatic acts was going to be really boring. Was I mistaken!!
Yesterday’s night, as long as the show went on, I maliciously thought: “OK, this is wonderful, but they have no magicians performing…” After a minute of thinking this I said to myself: “Boy, this is magic!” And, believe me, it is.
I read in today’s newspaper a note about yesterday’s show by Graeme McRanor that starts: “Even when static, their sinewy bodies, sculpted from years of training and precise movements, have poetic lines. But when they move --when gravity quits, the audience gasps and they spin, twist, flip and fly through the air-- well, it’s just magic”.
I also read in the critic by Michael White: “On the surface, 'Corteo' looks like the simplest and most understated of Cirque du Soleil’s many spectacular shows. But a closer look reveals a production that works very hard to look effortless”.
I was mesmerized. Couldn’t believe that a show like this one would be based on something so simple, and at the same time so complex as humankind is. It is circus back to its roots: no animals, no masks, no fireworks, no covering… but music, songs, acting, lights, makeup… and 61 artists performing jaw-dropping acts of magic for more than two hours.
I have no idea if this Cirque’s show is going to Mexico anytime soon. But if you have the chance to attend it, don’t miss it. Believe me: You won’t regret!!

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